High school football

The 2015 season is just around the corner

Each week Radio Free Cabarrus will broadcast live audio of two to three games. Video will be available for many of the games after the game is over. Each broadcast features the Sundrop Pre and Post Game Shows.

2014 All-South Piedmont Conference

Rocky Reid                  Concord                                               Riley McGee                Central Cabarrus

Keenan Black              Concord                                               Brandon Sloop             Carson

Carter Mozingo           Concord                                               Darren Isom                Carson

Chris Webb                 Concord                                               Anthony McCurry        Carson

Dez Scott                     Concord                                               Alex Parham                South Rowan

Mike Baker                  Concord                                               Brennan Lambert        South Rowan

Tyler Thomas              Concord                                               Marshall Long             South Rowan

P J Hall                           Concord                                               Anthony Caldwell        Northwest

Nate Mullen                Hickory Ridge                                      Isaiah Williams           Northwest

Kyle Childers               Hickory Ridge

Joey Rufolo                  Hickory Ridge

Greg Waslo                   Hickory Ridge                                      Offensive Player of the Year

Jaylen Rudisell          Hickory Ridge                                      Rocky Reid – Concord

Jarel Crawford             Hickory Ridge

Kyle Tyson                   Hickory Ridge                                      Defensive Player of the Year

Hunter Logmire           Cox Mill                                               Anthony McCurry – Carson

Thad Higgins               Cox Mill

Jonathan Earl              Cox Mill                                               Special Teams Player of the Year

Cory Cline                    Cox Mill                                               Nate Mullen – Hickory Ridge

Devin Cobb                  Cox Mill

Andrew Watt               Cox Mill                                               Punter/Kicker of the Year

Harrison Baucom        West Rowan                                        Marshall Long – South Rowan

Derrick Moreland        West Rowan

Darius Williamson      West Rowan

Qua’meak Lewis         West Rowan

Kortez Weeks              West Rowan

Jacob Radtke               West Rowan

Samuel Wyrick            East Rowan

Seth Wyrick                 East Rowan

Wesley Porter             East Rowan

Willie McCree             East Rowan

Daiyaan Fuller             Central Cabarrus

Josh Stewart                Central Cabarrus

2014 regular season standings
South Piedmont Conference 
Concord                         11-0                  8-0
Hickory Ridge               9-2                    6-2
Cox Mill                             6-5                     5-3
West Rowan                   7-4                     5-3
East Rowan                     5-6                     4-4
Central Cabarrus         6-5                     3-5
Jesse Carson                 4-7                     3-5
South Rowan                 3-8                     2-6
Northwest Cabarrus 1-10                    0-8
MeCKa 4-A Conference
Mallard Creek              10-1              7-0
Hough                                8-3               6-1
Vance                                  8-3               5-2
A.L. Brown                       6-5               4-3
West Charlotte              5-6               3-4
North Mecklenburg   3-8                2-5
Hopewell                         2-9                1-6
J.M. Robinson              0-11              0-7
Rocky River Conference
Mount Pleasant        9-2               5-0
Monroe                         7-4               4-1
Forest Hills                  5-6               3-2
Parkwood                    6-5               2-3
Central Academy     4-7               1-4
West Stanly                2-9                0-5

Radio Free Cabarrus is your home for the Cabarrus County Game of the Week and the Concord Spiders. Action gets underway in August.

Here are the 2014 Pigskin Preview interviews (check back, adding more each day):

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Mount Pleasant Tigers Football Report

Cox Mill Chargers Football Report

J.M. Robinson Bulldogs Football Report

Northwest Cabarrus Trojans Football Report

Cannon School Cougars Football Report

A.L. Brown Wonders Football Report

Concord Spiders Football Report

Central Cabarrus Vikings Football Report


11 thoughts on “High school football

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know how much we enjoy listening to radio free cabarrus on Friday nights. We are in Arizona and love listening to concord football especially when our nephew Ethan Wilder is playing.

    1. Hi George, the schools require that we black out the video because they are afraid it would hurt their attendance if the video were live. Thanks for listening!

  2. Mark, I recently hear that Northwest was getting a new head coach for next year. Do you have any information on who would be taking that position? If Coach Campbell is close by can you ask him to come out of retirement for my sons senior year?


  3. Yes it is. Unfortunately we had Internet issue tonight and couldn’t get on the air on The Cube. We did broadcast via phone on Memories 98.3. We’ll try again Friday with two games. No radio for these.

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