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Summer Shootout winding down

Hill, Faggart and Holleman among winners

Austin Hill claimed his first Bojangles' Summer Shootout Series win in the Human Body Tuning Group Legend Car Pro Division during Round 8 on Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  CMS Photo/John Davison
Austin Hill claimed his first Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series win in the Human Body Tuning Group Legend Car Pro Division during Round 8 on Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. CMS Photo/John Davison

It’s that time of year at the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series when every lap and every point matters as drivers battle for a championship. With just two rounds remaining to decide the 2015 Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series champions, Austin Hill, Robbie Faggart and John Holleman IV were among the drivers to score pivotal wins during Round 8 on Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Security Force Masters division Legend Car drivers Tom Pistone and Scott Whitaker started Tuesday night tied for the points lead. After an entertaining race from start to finish, both drivers stayed in the top five, but did not find their way to Victory Lane. On lap 21, with only four circuits remaining, both drivers found themselves fighting for second when Pistone slid on top of Whitaker, sending sparks flying as the veteran drivers struggled to control their cars down the backstretch.

Robbie Faggart took advantage of the tussle and moved to the head of the pack and later found himself in Victory Lane, earning his second win of the season. Carl Cormier, who finished third during Tuesday’s race, also kept himself in the mix in a tight points battle with Pistone and Whitaker.

With eight of 10 races in the books for the Body Mechanic Human Tuning Group Pro division, there is still no clear favorite to win the championship. Newcomer Austin Hill took home the Tuesday night victory during Round 8. Unofficially, Michael Torres remains the division’s points leader with 361 points, followed by Jared Irvan with 353 points.

After finishing second in last week’s race – Hill’s first race of the 2015 season – he started second behind Gregory Lang on Tuesday, and was able to take the lead on lap 2. Reid Wilson, who spun in Turn 2 caused the race’s first caution. Lang faded to the middle of the pack, while Joey Padgett, Dillon Faggart and Jordan Black all battled for second.

On the restart, Padgett spun through the grass in Turn 1 to send out the caution once again. Hill maintained his lead on the ensuing restart and Faggart took second after Padgett stayed out, followed by Irvan and Black.

Hill took home his first Bojangles’ Summer Shootout win of the season. Faggart finished second and Irvan third.

The eighth round of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout was also highlighted by an action-packed First Responders’ school bus slobberknocker, featuring Charlotte area police, fire and emergency personnel battling for bragging rights and a coveted Summer Shootout Series trophy.

Gregory Clemmons from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol bested the field in a wreck-fest that saw 2014 champion Jeremy Brown of the Kannapolis Fire Department flip his school bus onto its side. Pole sitter Tony Peeler (Kannapolis Police Department) spun through the infield grass and several school buses plowed through barrels lining the outside of Turns 1 and 2 during the eight-lap exhibition.

“It was wide open,” Clemmons said of the final school bus race of the 2015 season. “I didn’t know if I was hitting the front or getting hit in the back. It was wild. I had a ball. Last year I got wrecked, so this year was more exciting.”

Other winners of the night included Tyler Chapman (Beginner Bandolero Bandits), DJ Canipe (LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits), Ashton Higgins (Bandolero Bandits) and Chase Purdy (Young Lions Legend Cars).

The Bojangles’ Summer Shootout racing action continues with a double-header at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Monday and Tuesday, July 27 and 28. Champion’s Night, on Tuesday marks the final round of racing and the last chance for drivers to race their way to a division title. The night will conclude with a huge fireworks display. For more information on the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit the website.

Unofficial Results:

Beginner Bandolero Bandits (17 laps): 1. Tyler Chapman; 2. Mason Dejarnett; 3. Jackson Moore; 4. Stanley Hayes; 5. Byers Faunce; 6. Parker Eatmon; 7. Trevor Wester; 8. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 9. Adam Eades; 10. Zachary Miracle; 11. David Sullivan; 12. Jacob Putman; 13. Jaiden Reyna; 14. Jacob Gantz; 15. Jason Chapman 

LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. DJ Canipe; 2. Daniel Wilk; 3. Carson Kvapil; 4. Cameron Bolin; 5. Tommy Good; 6. William Robusto; 7. Josh Kossek; 8. Blaise Maddox; 9. Steven Chapman; 10. George Hayes; 11. Josh Speas; 12. Bryson Ruff; 13. Landon Rapp; 14. Isabella Robusto; 15. Leland Honeyman; 16. Dylan Notaro; 17. Blake Cisneros

Body Mechanic Human Tuning Group Legend Car Pros (25 laps): 1. Austin Hill; 2. Dillon Faggart; 3. Jared Irvan; 4. Jordan Black; 5. Michael Torres; 6. Greg Lang; 7. Alex Murray; 8. Ryan Shattuck; 9. Ryan Eyer; 10. Matthew Barnard; 11. Reid Wilson; 12. Evan Swilling; 13. Joey Padgett

Security Force Legend Car Masters (25 laps): 1. Robby Faggart; 2. Scott Whitaker; 3. Carl Cormier; 4. Tom Pistone; 5. Chip Ferguson; 6. Akinori Ogata; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Ernie Irvin; 9. Jamie Smith; 10. Charles Parker; 11. Jon Craig; 12. Bruce Silver; 13. Herman Towe; 14. Ron Mander

Legend Car Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. John Holleman IV; 2. Devin O’Connell; 3. Scott Joy; 4. Conner Pyle; 5. Stevie Johns Jr.; 6. Jensen Jorgensen; 7. Jordan Stillwell; 8. Sheldon Crouse; 9. Craig Biryle; 10. Joshua Plummer; 11. Holden German; 12. Hannah Bell; 13. Enrique Limon; 14. Taylor Jorgenson; 15. Jonathan Wessel; 16. Austin Langenstein; 17. Sprout Royal; 18. Gus Dean

Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps): 1. Ashton Higgins; 2. Blaise Brinkley; 3. Roy Hayes; 4. Gracie Trotter; 5. Matthew Emery; 6. Jordan Plummer; 7. Elysia Potter; 8. Conner Younginer; 9. Seth Henry; 10. Ashley Pantoulas; 11. Matthew Eades; 12. Alberto Limon; 13. Matthew Davey; 14. Liz Montgomery; 15. Trevor Rizzo; 16. Austin Geer

Legend Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Chase Purdy; 2. Austin Green; 3. Ryan Millington; 4. Jacob Heafner; 5. Eddie Fatscher; 6. Jack Fread; 7. Sam Mayer; 8. Conner Snow; 9. Dawson Cram; 10. Carson Poindexter; 11. Garrett Manes; 12. Alex Reece


Harris Road chief rules at Summer Shootout

School bus race winner 6-10-15
Tripp Aldredge, principal at Harris Road Middle School, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout School Bus Sloberknocker Tuesday night. (CMS/John Davison photo)

Aldredge claims bragging rights

Harris Road Middle School principal Tripp Aldredge took his colleagues to school during Round 2 of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout leading the field of two-ton school buses from the green flag to the checkered in an action-packed slobberknocker that pitted Cabarrus County principals against one another Tuesday night. John Holloman Jr., Carl Cormier and Michael Torres also scored A-Main wins in front of a packed house at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Aldredge, who started on the pole, held off a hard-charging Kevin Senter from Cabarrus Charter Academy and Darin Roberts from Carl A. Furr Elementary School to claim the coveted champion’s belt and bragging rights in what has become a fan-favorite exhibition.

After his win, Aldredge was quick to thank his legions of fans, many of whom brought signs and oversized photos of their principal’s head to cheer on their favorite driver.

“As soon as the flag dropped, I put the pedal to the metal,” Aldredge said. “I was hoping to get a little skin on the other guys, but I didn’t want to slow up and give up my lead. I just kept my head down and kept turning left.”

Torres dominated in the second round of the Legends Pro division race. With a total of eight cautions, the Florida native was untouchable for all 25 laps of the race and his consistency allowed him to maintain his lead after each restart.

“It was definitely a team effort and a well-deserved win,” Torres said. “I’m just going to continue keeping my trust in my crew chief and staying as consistent as we can.”

Jordan Black brought home a win earlier this afternoon to make up for the rain-delay Monday night.

The Bandolero Outlaws came hot out of the oven Tuesday with Mathew Davey from Mooresville, North Carolina, taking home the victory, followed by Ashton Higgins and Connor Younginer.

“This is the greatest moment in my life; I have worked for this for three years,” said Davey.

Davey and Higgins fought competitively, with Higgins making an aggressive three-wide power play for the lead midway through the race. Davey fought back and maneuvered his way to the front. He finished four car lengths ahead of Higgins and was not shy to celebrate in Victory Lane, kissing the start finish line.

“This is my first win in the Shootout and my third win here at Charlotte Motor Speedway,” said Davey, who walked away with a trophy and a smile, knowing he had made his family proud.

On Monday night during the first round of competition, Stevie Johns Jr. took the checkered flag in the Legend Car Semi Pro division, while Tom Pistone claimed victory in the Security Force Masters and Dawson Cram earned a season-opening win in the Young Lions division. Jordan Black started his season in Victory Lane after rain forced the Legends Car Pro division to be postponed until Tuesday night.  In the Bandolero classes Landon Rapp (beginner bandolero), Ashton Higgins (outlaw), Daniel Wilk (LiveWell Bandolero Bandits) each earned wins Monday.

The Bojangles’ Summer Shootout racing action continues at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday, June 16, with Mascot Mania go-kart races on Team Spirit Night. Fans are encouraged to come out dressed in their favorite team apparel and cheer on their favorite Charlotte-area mascot.

For more information on the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Unofficial Results: Round 2 (Tuesday)

Legends Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Chase Purdy; 2. Alex Reese; 3. Jacob Heafner; 4. Austin Green; 5. Eddie Fatscher; 6. Dawson Cram; 7. Andrew Molleur; 8. Justin Taylor; 9. Ryan Millington; 10. Garrett Manes; 11. Ryo Ocata; 12. Carson Pointdexter; 13. Jack Fread; 14. Sam Mayer

Legends Car Pro (25 laps): 1. Michawl Torres; 2. Joey Padgett; 3. Jared Irvan; 4. Greg Lang; 5. Dylan Faggart; 6. Reid Wilson; 7. Spencer Boyd; 8. Alex Murray; 9. Drew Brown; 10. Carsen Ferguson; 11. Zane Smith; 12. Evan Swilling

Legends Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. John Holloman Jr.; 2. Devin O’Connell; 3. Scott Joy; 4. Shelton Crouse; 5. Stevie Johns Jr.; 6. Joe Graf Jr.; 7. Jake Tretow; 8. Riley Herbest; 9. Jordan Stillwell; 10. Jensen Jorgensen; 11. Austin Langenstein; 12. Taylor Jorgensen; 13. Joe Gregory; 14. Sprout Royal; 15. Conner Pyle; 16. Craig Biryla; 17. Cameron McGee; 18. Holden German; 19. Bronson Butcher; 20. Enrique Lemon

Security Force Masters (25 laps): 1. Carl Cormier; 2. Bruce Silver; 3. Tom Pistone; 4. Scott Whitaker; 5. Craig Bruce; 6. Jan Ingram; 7. Jamie Smith; 8. Chip Ferguson; 9. Robbie Faggart; 10. Ron Mader; 11. Danny Bisson; 12. Herman Towe.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits (20 laps): 1. Leland Honeyman; 2. Landon Rapp; 3. Josh Speas; 4. Zachary Miracle; 5. Jackson Moore; 6. Stanley Hays; 7. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 8. David Selvik; 9. Jacob Gantz; 10. Alberto Limon; 11. Mason Dejarnett; 12. Jake Putnam. Live Well Homes Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): Daniel Wilk; 2. Carson Kvapil; 3. Cameron Bolen; 4. Mini Tyrell; 5. DJ Canipe; 6. William Robusto; 7. Ryan Israel; 8. Bryson Ruff; 9. George Hayes; 10. Isabella Robusto; 11. Tommy Good; 12. Josh Kossek; 13. Maddox Blaise; 14. Blake Cisneros; 15. Ethan Johnson; 16. Dylan Notaro; 17. Jaiden Reyna

Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps): 1. Mathew Bavey; 2. Ashton Higgins; 3. Connor Younginer; 4. Austin Greer; 5. Trevor Rizzo; 6. Matthew Eades; 7. Jordan Plummer; 8. Roy Hayes; 9. Blaise Brinkley; 10. Seth Henry; 11. Robby Gordon Douglas; 12. Hudgins Gauntt; 13. Tristan Lesik; 14. Liz Montgomery; 15. Elysia Potter; 16. Swank Hagans; 17. No data; 18. Matthew Emery; 19. Austin Powell; 20. Ray Maynard; 21. Gracie Trotter.

Round 1 (Monday) Bandolero Beginner Bandits (20 laps): 1. Landon Rapp; 2. Leland Honeyman; 3. Alberto Limon; 4. Jackson Moore; 5. Zachary Miracle; 6. Jake Putnam; 7. Jacob Gantz; 8. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 9. Josh Speas; 10. David Selvik; 11. Stanley Hays.

Bandolero Outlaws (14 laps): 1. Ashton Higgins; 2. Matthew Davey; 3. Connor Younginer; 4. Roy Hays; 5. Trevor Rizzo; 6. Robby Gordon Douglas; 7. Matthew Eades; 8. Matthew Emery; 9. Tristan Lesik; 10. Austin Greer; 11. Hudgins Gauntt; 12. Blaise Brinkley; 13. Jordan Plummer; 14. Gracie Trotter; 15. Seth Henry; 16. Elysia Potter; 17. Austin Powell; 18. John Legg; 19. Liz Montgomery; 20. Swank Hagans.

Legend Car Semi Pro (30 laps): 1. Stevie Johns Jr.; 2. Austin Langenstein; 3. John Holloman Jr.; 4. Jake Tretow; 5. Jordan Stillwell; 6. Joe Gregory; 7. Joe Graf Jr.; 8. Connor Pyle; 9. Jensen Jorgensen; 10. Riley Herbst; 11. Scott Joy; 12. Devin O’Connell; 13. Sprout Royal; 14. Sheldon Crouse; 15. Enrique Lemon; 16. Cameron McGee; 17. Bronson Butcher; 18. Holden German; 19. Taylor Jorgenson; 20. Craig Biryla.

LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits (13 laps): 1. Daniel Wilk; 2. Ryan Israel; 3. Carson Kvapil; 4. William Robusto; 5. Bryson Ruff; 6. Blake Cisneros; 7. Tommy Good; 8. Josh Kossek; 9. Cameron Bolen; 10. Dylan Notaro; 11. DJ Canipe; 12. Mini Tyrell; 13. Jaiden Reyna; 14. Maddox Blaise; 15. George Hayes; 16. Ethan Johnson.

Security Force Legend Car Masters (30 laps): 1. Tom Pistone; 2. Scott Whitaker; 3. Robbie Faggart; 4. Bruce Silver; 5. Chip Ferguson; 6. Carl Cormier; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Ron Maner; 9. Danny Bisson; 10. Craig Bruce; 11. No Data; 12. Jamie Smith; 13. Herman Towe; 14. Rodney Tharpe.

Legend Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Dawson Cram; 2. Ryan Millington; 3. Austin Green; 4. Chase Purdy; 5. Alex Reece; 6. Eddie Fatscher; 7. Jacob Heafner; 8. Andrew Molleur; 9. Sam Mayer; 10. Garrett Manes; 11. Carson Pointdexter; 12. Jack Fread; 13. Justin Taylor.  **Hit time and then rain**

Legend Car Pros (25 laps): 1. Jordan Black; 2. Greg Lang; 3. Carson Ferguson; 4. Michael Torres; 5. Jared Irvan; 6. Evan Swilling; 7. Zane Smith; 8. Reid Wilson; 9. Dylan Faggart; 10. Alex Murray; 11. Spencer Boyd; 12. Joey Padgett; 13. Drew Brown.

Football, cycling, racing – busy week in Cabarrus

Fall high school official practices began Friday

Rain pushed practice inside but it didn't stop teams from getting work done Friday, like the A.L. Brown Wonders during this work session.
Rain pushed practice inside but it didn’t stop teams from getting work done Friday, like the A.L. Brown Wonders during this work session.

N.C. High School Athletic Association teams began official fall practices on Friday, Aug. 1. That included Cabarrus County teams. The heavy rain forced most Friday’s workouts inside.

I had a chance to visit practices at Mount Pleasant, A.L. Brown and Northwest Cabarrus Friday. The teams were working hard, like I’m sure all the teams in the county were. The Independent Tribune will have more in Sunday’s edition. Here is the Google picture and video story from some of the photos and videos shot Friday:

Rainy First Day of Football

Central Cabarrus field turf is complete!

Workers put the finishing touches on the interlocking C's logo at midfield Thursday.
Workers put the finishing touches on the interlocking C’s logo at midfield Thursday.

All the fund-raising and work at Central Cabarrus has resulted in a brand new turf field at Central Cabarrus. Congratulations to the Vikings! Here is the Independent Tribune story about the turf:

A Source of Pride at Central Cabarrus

 Hundreds of cyclists race in Kannapolis

Kannapolis hosted the Cabarrus Creamery Criterium Thursday.
Kannapolis hosted the Cabarrus Creamery Criterium Thursday.

The Giordana Crossroads Classic rolled into Kannapolis and the N.C. Research Campus Thursday for the Cabarrus Creamery Criterium. 216 cyclists raced in the races around a .7 mile D-shaped course.

The event was moved from Concord, where it has been for several years, because of construction of the new Concord City Hall. Here is the story in the Independent Tribune about the races and the winners:

Martz wins pro bike race in Kannapolis

Daniel Hermic leads the champions at the Summer Shootout

Daniel Hermic won the Jack In the Box Summer Shootout Legends Pro title for a third time. He and dozens of other racers competed in the 10-round Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Champions were crowned after the final races Tuesday. Here are the winners and the final race results:

Summer Shootout champions crowned

Hemric, a racer from Kannapolis, also had a big win the super late models in the Southern Super Series in Pensacola, Fla. Here are details in this week’s Short Track Racing Report:

Hemric dominates at Five Flags Speedway

Preseason Pigskin Previews

The Cabarrus Pigskin Previews are being published in the Independent Tribune. Here are links to those videos. More links will be added as the coaches’ interviews are completed:

Hickory Ridge Ragin’ Bulls Football Report

Mount Pleasant Tigers Football Report

Cox Mill Chargers Football Report

J.M. Robinson Bulldogs Football Report

Northwest Cabarrus Trojans Football Report

Cannon School Cougars Football Report

A.L. Brown Wonders Football Report

Concord Spiders Football Report

These are the first in a series of preseason interviews. Check back later for more interviews.


Things to do this week in Cabarrus County


A beautiful sunset closed out another fun-filled weekend in Concord.
A beautiful sunset closed out another fun-filled weekend in Concord.

Sunday’s sunset closed another fun-filled week in Concord and Cabarrus County. Another busy week is coming up with lots of activities ranging from sports to concerts. Here are a few of the highlights:

Tuesday, July 15

Jack In the Box Summer ShootoutCharlotte Motor Speedway host Legends and Bandoleros racing on the front stretch track every Tuesday throughout the summer. All the details are here: Charlotte Motor Speedway

Thursday, July 17

Union Street Live – Listen to the Fantastic Shakers free concert in Downtown Concord. The concert is from 6 to 9 p.m. on Means Avenue near the Historic Cabarrus County Courthouse. More information about Downtown Concord and its events are here: Downtown Concord Development Corporation

Saturday, July 19

Village Park Summer Concert Series – Listen to the Carolina Soul Band free concert in Village Park in Kannapolis. The festivities get underway at 7 p.m. at 700 W. C St. More information about events in Kannapolis is here: Kannapolis Entertainment Series

Sunday, July 20

Mount Pleasant History 1910-1950 – Local historian Ben Callahan will present a history including stories and pictures of the development of the small town. The program is from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society Musem, 1100 N. Main St., Mount Pleasant, N.C. Program fee $3, free for members. More information is available here: ECHS Museum

Friday-Monday, July 18-21

Kannapolis Intimidators baseball – The Intimidators host the Lakewood Blueclaws at CMC-NorthEast Stadium. Game times are 7:05 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 5:05 p.m. Sunday and 12:05 p.m. Monday. More information is available here: Kannapolis Intimidators

Cabarrus Hall of Famer Ralph Dale Earnhardt

Kannapolis native Dale Earnhardt made his first start in NASCAR May 25, 1975 in the World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Earnhardt finished 22nd that day.

This Concord Tribune (now Independent Tribune) photo shows a young Dale Earnhardt in 1976, his second season in NASCAR.
This Concord Tribune (now Independent Tribune) photo shows a young Dale Earnhardt in 1976, his second season in NASCAR.

During his legendary career, Earnhardt won 76 races, 7 championships and had 468 Top 10s in NASCAR’s top division. He also won 21 times in the Nationwide series.

The Intimidator was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010 and into the Cabarrus County Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

A larger than life bronze statue of Earnhardt stands in a memorial plaza in his hometown of Kannapolis. It is just off Main Street near the Amtrak Station.


Dale Earnhardt Hall of Fame Special

Dale Earnhardt: One Tough Customer